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ENHANCING YOUR CAR PARK LIGHTING – OUR GUIDE Upgrading your car park lighting to LED is a significant decision that encompasses a range of vital considerations. Whether you’re a business owner or the manager of a venue, understanding these factors is pivotal to the success of your lighting project. In this guide, we’ll explore various …

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LMXLED Lighting systems launches the PORTALITE Lumax LED Site Light System.


Questions answered by Darren Woodhouse, director, LMXLED


What are peoples experiences of using the LMX LED Portalite? 

Extremely positive, they like the portable aspect and long battery time for off-grid operation. The most important thing here is the reliability of the product. Everyone who has use it so far on construction sites has been really impressed. It has already been requested for use by the Royal Navy. 


Why are the Navy interested in this product? 

The Navy need a reliable work light that is extremely bright in the event of an emergency and if there is no power to be connected to, then due to the unique 3 battery design, illumination can be provided for up to 100 hours and if you use with the 9 case battery charger then over 300 hours can be achieved. 

It’s very cost effective and fills the brief to be kinder to the environment. Due to its size and ability to be carried by one person, and the brightness it can achieve it is way ahead of the products that are currently used and will soon be a market leader 


Why is it different from other products? 

Brightness compared with the portability aspect, compared to a “diesel light tower” kinder to the environment when using batteries instead of diesel or petrol. Length of time of illumination can be achieved from 3 batteries. Robustness and versatility.


What is unique about the product? 

  • Cost effective compared to equivalent market brand 
  • Environmental benefits
  • High levels of brightness from batteries, brightness from mains power for the size of product


How much does the cost compare to similar products? 

It is very cost effective, half of the cost of the nearest product and compared to hiring out diesel towers, you would have the hire charge covered in around 4 weeks! The very low cost of charging the batteries compared to diesel cost is much more efficient and profitable. 


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