LMX’s ARENA slim flood light comes with robust aluminium housing, safety tempered glass cove, high quality led driver and delivers high lumen efficacy up to 150lm/w. With asymmetrical polarised optics to minimise glare, light spill, improve lux levels and uniformity. An ideal solution for most outdoor applications, can be wall mounted around buildings and pathways or pole mounted.

Key Features

  • Low spill and asymmetrical optical distribution.
  • High lumen output of up to 150ml/w.
  • Slim design.
  • Easy installation.
  • Cost effective solution.

Perfect for warehouses, industrial facilities, exhibition centres, gymnasiums, airports and tennis courts.


LXFL1004P30 Black 100W 4000K IP66 P30 15000 150lm/w Download
LXFL1004P45 Black 100W 4000K IP66 P45 15000 150lm/w Download
LXFL1504P30 Black 150W 4000K IP66 P30 22500 150lm/w Download
LXFL1504P45 Black 150W 4000K IP66 P45 22500 150lm/w Download
LXFL2004P30 Black 200W 4000K IP66 P30 30000 150lm/w Download
LXFL2004P45 Black 200W 4000K IP66 P45 30000 150lm/w Download
LXFL2404P30 Black 240W 4000K IP66 P30 36000 150lm/w Download
LXFL2404P45 Black 240W 4000K IP66 45MBP 36000 N/A Download
LXFL3004P30 Black 300W 4000K IP66 30MLP 45000 N/A Download
LXFL3004P45 Black 300W 4000K IP66 45MBP 45000 N/A Download
LXFL4004P30 Black 400W 4000K IP66 30MLP 60000 N/A Download
LXFL4004P45 Black 400W 4000K IP66 45MBP 60000 N/A Download
LXFL100430 Black 100W 4000K IP66 30º 15000 N/A Download
LXFL100460 Black 100W 4000K IP66 60º 15000 N/A Download
LXFL100490 Black 100W 4000K IP66 90º 15000 N/A Download
LXFL150430 Black 150W 4000K IP66 30º 22500 N/A Download
LXFL150460 Black 150W 4000K IP66 60º 22500 N/A Download
LXFL150490 Black 150W 4000K IP66 90º 22500 N/A Download
LXFL200430 Black 200W 4000K IP66 30º 30000 N/A Download
LXFL200460 Black 200W 4000K IP66 60º 30000 N/A Download
LXFL200490 Black 200W 4000K IP66 90º 30000 N/A Download
LXFL240430 Black 240W 4000K IP66 30º 36000 N/A Download
LXFL240460 Black 240W 4000K IP66 60º 36000 N/A Download
LXFL240490 Black 240W 4000K IP66 90º 36000 N/A Download
LXFL300430 Black 300W 4000K IP66 30º 45000 N/A Download
LXFL300460 Black 300W 4000K IP66 60º 45000 N/A Download
LXFL400430 Black 400W 4000K IP66 30º 60000 N/A Download
LXFL400460 Black 400W 4000K IP66 60º 60000 N/A Download
LXFL400490 Black 400W 4000K IP66 90º 60000 N/A Download
LXFL4004100150 Black 100W 4000K IP66 100×150 15000 N/A Download
LXFL4004120150 Black 100W 4000K IP66 120×150 15000 N/A Download
LXFL1504100150 Black 150W 4000K IP66 100×150 22500 N/A Download
LXFL1504120150 Black 150W 4000K IP66 120×150 22500 N/A Download
LXFL2004100150 Black 200W 4000K IP66 100×150 30000 N/A Download
LXFL2004120150 Black 200W 4000K IP66 120×150 30000 N/A Download
LXFL2404100150 Black 240W 4000K IP66 100×150 36000 N/A Download
LXFL2404120150 Black 240W 4000K IP66 120×150 36000 N/A Download
LXFL3004100150 Black 300W 4000K IP66 100×150 45000 N/A Download
LXFL3004120150 Black 300W 4000K IP66 120×150 45000 N/A Download
LXFL4004100150 Black 400W 4000K IP66 100×150 60000 N/A Download
LXFL4004120150 Black 400W 4000K IP66 120×150 60000 N/A Download



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