T8 Rail Tube

LED Lighting Rail Tube – Compliant

At LMXLED our T8 and T5 RAIL compliant LED lighting tubes are highly reliable and cost effective. They are specifically designed for retrofitting trains and rail projects. Due to the design of the lighting tubes, they do not require separate electronic drivers and therefore are cheaper to install.

Through advancements in LED lighting technology chips our T8 and T5 offer up to 75% saving on running costs compared to fluorescent and are more efficient than most other LED lighting tubes.

  • Our rail LED tubes are 10 years service free and are available in 24VDC, 110VDC and AC powered 110/230V options.
  •  Fully compliant to EN50155, IEC60598, EN45545, EN61347, IEC62031, EN50121, IEC62471, EN61373, EN60529, EN50155, Class S2 and C2
  • Fully adjustable for retrofit application on existing fluorescent tubes
  • Up to 75% energy saving on existing lighting solutions
  • Flicker free with soft diffuser designed for passenger comfort

LMXLED – An expert in LED Tube Lighting since 2014 in delivering efficacy

In 2014 industry leading magazine Lighting (lighting.co.uk) published an article on the then brand new 1500 VS T8 LED lighting tube. This article is written by renowned Optical Testing’s technical director Dr Gareth John, now laboratory manager at Dextra Group. It highlighted that LMXLED had the first 100lm/w LED tube in the UK. We now have 200lm/w !

After stringent testing Dr G. John said “the reason why this tube has such a strong performance is down to the good match between input and output voltages” a very hard to achieve outcome and why our tubes, installed over 10 years ago are still working perfectly fine today.

Based on the opinion of experts it is clear that over 9 years ago LMXLED’s T8 LED Lighting tube excelled in innovating and leading changes to retrofit projects. Our products have been creating a superior lumen output while reducing input power, thereby significantly increasing efficacy and efficiency, helping net zero targets. With a beam angle of 180 degrees and a range of T8 and T5 products, our tubes are available for all types of applications.

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